A classic movie that has been passed down for generations,Must have a good lead、Good supporting role。
Everyone, Red Flower and Green Leaf, work together to create a movie,To create a classic。
Like decades ago《Soul Broken Blue Bridge》,Further away《Gone with the Wind》。
The modern classics,The same is true。
《Gift in Room 7》Why is it so touching?
Of course it’s the sincere feelings,Hope brewing in despair。
But how does this kind of feeling stand out??
Isn’t it just relying on a group of villains and decent supporting characters??
Villain use evil、Shameless、Despicable means,To sharpen the relationship between father and daughter again and again,Let the relationship be sublimated。
Decent people use passion、Tolerance、understanding、Support and other means,To help father and daughter again and again,So that they can get comfort and help in the dark and desperate,This shows the true feelings in the world。
and so,《Gift in Room 7》inside,This5The prisoners in room seven,Is also the key point。
Their performance is good or bad,Directly related to the quality of the movie。
Shen Huan saw in another world《Gift in Room 7》Rear,Think this5The supporting role is really good,Then he went to see their information。
I knew it at first glance,They are all absolute actors of Tai Chi country,Everyone has the ability to act as the protagonist of a movie。
They join hands,Dedicated this classic。
So Shen Huan had already told Zhu Mei,All good actors must be enabled。
Not famous,It doesn’t matter if you are famous,But it must be an actor with good acting skills。
Of course,Good acting and famous,That is the most welcome。