Lu Ban shook his head and answered:“You also know my situation,It is very difficult to take the show,Everything still depends on the company’s arrangements。”
“Take old brother as an outsider, right?。”
Liang Kesheng smiled:“If you want to take the show,I can recommend some for you。”
With Liang Kesheng’s status in the circle,Actor recommended by him,Other directors will never refuse。
“Really unnecessary,I have no plans to take the show recently。”
“Oh?Then what do you want to do?”
Ban Lu thought for a while,I think I can tell the truth with Liang Kesheng,So said:“I want to make a movie,Same as you,Be a director。”
This answer is a bit beyond Liang Kesheng’s expectation。
Although recently he is teaching director Lu Ban’s skills,But he never thought that Lu Ban would prepare to make a movie after finishing。
He pondered。
“Do you have a script??”
“am writing now。”
“Where is the investor?”
“not yet。”