The victory is reversed instantly!
Yang Shiyun tried to catch up for a while,It turned out to be farther and farther away from Qin Liang。
The karting in this yard is five laps at a time,So when Yang Shiyun ran to four and a half laps,Qin Liang is already waiting for her at the end。
It’s over……The book is written by myself,The conditions for winning are up to you,There is no excuse for repentance……Yang Shiyun secretly thought。
Dolly to the end,Yang Shiyun took a peek at Qin Liang,I found that he was looking at himself with a smile,Hurriedly turned his head away……
Returned the car,Out of the parking lot,Neither person spoke。
“What are we going to play next?”
Silent for a while,Yang Shiyun can’t hold his breath,Deliberately pretending nothing happened and asked Qin Liang。
“Next, let’s talk about the night。”
Qin Liang saw through Yang Shiyun’s tricks,Just brought the topic back。
Yang Shiyun started acting stupid。