That is a detour

At the intersection of youth, there was once a path that loomed and summoned me.

  My mother stopped me: “That road can’t go.

“I do not believe.

  ”I just came from that road. What do you believe?

“Since you can walk from that road, why can’t I?”

“I don’t want you to take a detour.”

“But I like it, and I am not afraid.”

“My mother looked at me distressed for a long time, then sighed: “Well, you are a stubborn child, that road is hard to walk, all the way to be careful.”

“After the road, I found that my mother did not lie to me. That road is indeed a detour.

I hit the wall and fell to the head.

Sometimes the head hits the blood, but I keep walking and finally walks over.

  When I sat down and gasped, I saw a friend who was very young and was standing at the intersection of my year. I couldn’t help but shout: “That road can’t go.

“She doesn’t believe it.”

  ”My mother came from that road, and me too.

“Since you came from that road, why can’t I?”

“I don’t want you to go the same way.”

“”but I like it.

“I looked at her, looked at myself, and then smiled: “Be careful all the way.

“I am very grateful to her. She made me find that I am no longer young. I have already played the role of “coming people.” At the same time, playing “coming people” often suffers from “blocking the road.”

  On the road of life, there is a way to go, that is, the detour that you took when you were young.

Don’t fall to the head, don’t touch the wall, don’t touch the head and break the blood flow, how can you train the iron bones, how can you grow up?