Sit-ups for abdominal crunches

Summer is here, and many fashionable women are desperately subtracting their abdomen. The most common exercise is to do sit-ups and do a few before going to bed every day.

However, there is no scientific reason for just doing sit-ups for partial weight loss. Overall weight loss can really make the belly smaller.

  Do sit-ups every day, divided into three groups, 20-30 each, and do sit-ups repeatedly.

In the gym, those who do their own fitness are often you get up and he falls down, doing repetitive moves one by one, the scene is quite spectacular.

Many people are sweating profusely and have a sore belly, which does not stop until they are exhausted.

However, the result is that my aunt is not so much consumed, and the purpose of losing weight in the stomach cannot be achieved. Instead, the stomach will be severe because of muscle gain.

  There is no scientific basis for the partial weight loss method that only exercises the abdominal muscles. This idea seems to see a doctor, and mistakenly believes that “headaches cure the head and feet hurt the feet” can cure the disease.

From the perspective of exercise, weight loss requires holistic and systemic consumption, and light-enhanced abdominal exercise cannot be used for weight loss of the stomach; slimmers should adhere to whole-body exercise, and then increase abdominal exercise on this basis to reduce the bellythe goal of.

Whole body exercise is best run, this simple exercise can be very good for weight loss.