If the scale is too small,There is no value in mining。
Some powerful people just hope that Gu Mu can help run it,Get some children of your own interest group to study abroad。
Of course it’s best to go to Europe and America,No, you can go to Huaxia。
For these various requirements,Can promise,Of course Gu Mu would agree,Can’t agree,Will also refuse。
Can’t say what prices others offer,He will take it all。
It’s not a condition,But blackmailed。
He also has to show his persistence,Otherwise others will think he is bully,So there is no way to stand here。
After another few days of negotiation and negotiation,Compromise with each other,In the end, all the rich and powerful left with satisfaction。
The 20% of Gu Mu’s shares,Not forTGovernment,But to companies controlled by the powerful——Register one if you don’t have a company。
Can’t give it away,Those powerful and powerful are responsible for the safety of mining companies。
——This security refers to protecting the frame company from armed attacks,Rather than production safety issues。
Mining companies need a lot of labor,Gu Mu also promised to recruit part of the labor on the sites of those powerful and powerful,Distribution based on shares,Don’t favor one another。