now,Alterac City still stands on the plateau,The Alterac Kingdom is alive and brutally,Carlos has an army of 70,000 rushing to the turtle。
Don’t worry about turtle speed,These are huge costs。
This means a steady stream of supplies and soldiers,This means that Lordaeron’s legacy is being continuously accepted by Alterac。
At least the refugees west of Lordaeron have no choice,Gilneas has closed the country,They can only go south to Hillsbrad。
And the residents east of Lordaeron,Or flee east to Stratholme,Either enter Anjador and seek refuge in Alterac Kingdom。
Looking back at the Scourge,I have to admit that the central flowering tactics of the Lich King Ner’zhul are really beautiful,The Naxxramas round is truly amazing,In just a few days after the fall of Lordaeron, 400,000 skeleton soldiers were transformed,The killing efficiency is indeed high enough。
but,A whole year,Disturbed by the Silver Dawn,Ner’zhul’s layout is still insufficient after all。
Not enough hatred,Not enough sources of plague infection,Not enough elite power。
Under huge numbers,The backbone of the Scourge is insufficient。
If Uther and his Knights of the Silver Hand can come back in time,Carlos can completely bury the Scourge in Lordaeron in a month。
This is different,It’s what he changed in the thirty years since Carlos came to the world。
Lordaeron was defeated,But humans are not desperate。
Time is not on Carlos’s side,He is powerless to prevent this catastrophe from happening。
Time is also not on the side of the Lich King,Stop slightly,The regained alliance is about to expedite the Northern Glacier。
So Carlos couldn’t speak to keep Gavinrad。