Jiang Fan just hung up。
Jiang Fan said:“To work,Not too formal。Changyi will go to the province for a meeting tomorrow,The request is to report this afternoon,He said he didn’t worry about Xiaoshu,Is it because Xiaoshu hasn’t made up his mind to want this kid??”
“No way?When we called to chat,I didn’t realize she had this meaning。”
“Ok,That’s good。”
After Peng Changyi put down Jiang Fan’s call,Told Shu Qing about the house,Shu Qing said happily:“Really,We really finally have our own house?”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,Secretary Jiang meant to renovate uniformly,So easy。”
Shu Qing thought about it:“but,I want to decorate according to my wishes?”
Peng Changyi said:“it is good,The house is yours,Pretend what you want。but,There is a premise,It must be environmentally friendly,Those big core boards、Density board,This board and the other board are not allowed at all,Not environmentally friendly,Especially for babies,Let me tell you this,In the room,You just have to shape,You need these plates,and so,Just fall to the ground,Everywhere,Most angry,If you have money and nowhere to spend,Buy furniture,This is called light decoration,Heavy decoration,Home built like this,Is the most environmentally friendly。”
Shu Qing thought for a while,Said:“Also,Then white wall to the end,Wooden floor or ceramic tiles?”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“Now the floor is made of solid wood and not completely environmentally friendly,In contrast, floor tiles are better,In addition,The floor tiles are also dirty,Have children in the future,It’s okay to pee,The floor is inconvenient。We can lay the floor tiles first,And then leave room for laying the floor in the future,When the child is older,Let’s lay the floor,what do you think?”
First64chapter Peng Changyi’s thoughts fell through
Shu Qing said:“This one,I do not understand,How to leave space?”