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During pregnancy, female friends are very concerned about their physical condition and are afraid of some symptoms of the disease. In this way, they will affect their obesity and they will pay special attention to their diet.This condiment is best ingested in small quantities, and oats such as oats are best not to be eaten, because it has a certain oxytocin effect.


Barley malt According to previous experience, a woman avoids barley malt during pregnancy.

As said in “Materia Medica”: Malt, women who have a child should not take more.

Also good at giving birth.

“Pharmaceutical Pharmacology” also said: Malt should not be used for phlegm, arthritis and pregnant women.


Oatmeal has a smooth bowel and downward force, so it has a certain effect of oxytocin, pregnant women should avoid eating.


Ancient Ren According to the experience of ancient medical practitioners, pregnant women should avoid eating.

“Diet Notes” said: The person who is good for her nature also causes the abortion of women and food.

The Qing Dynasty food doctor Wang Mengying also warned that: the benevolent nature is specifically issued, pregnant women should avoid it.

“Ben Cao Jing Shu” also stated clearly: pregnancy supplement.


Donkey meat is flat and sweet and sour. Although it has the effect of nourishing blood and qi, according to previous experience, pregnant women should not eat donkey meat properly.

As recorded in “Medicinal Herbs for Daily Use”: donkey meat causes dystocia for women and food.


Rabbit meat is cold, can cool blood and promote blood circulation, and is easy to damage people’s yang, so pregnant people should not eat it.

For example, the Qing Dynasty food doctor Wang Mengying said in the “Suishuiju diet spectrum”: rabbit meat is cold, cold blood, eat more damage to Yuanyang, especially for pregnant women.


Sparrow meat Chinese medicine believes that finches can be aphrodisiac and thrive.

“Suixiju diet profile” said: bird meat, yin deficiency and internal heat and pregnant women do not eat.

“Dietary Notes” also reads: Improving women’s food and drinking meat, making Yu more promiscuous.

Eat more bird brains, move the fetal gas, make the child sparrow eyes.

Therefore, pregnant people, do not eat more bird meat and bird brain.


The eel is commonly known as the white eel.

It is flat in nature and sweet in taste, can make up for weakness, and is also a kind of high protein and high feces food.

Medical doctors in the Song Dynasty believed that eel fish would move the wind.

Wang Shixiong, a food doctor in the Qing Dynasty, also believed that more food helped the onset of fever.

“Suishuiju diet spectrum” pointed out: pregnant women avoid it.

I am afraid that it has fatty sputum, helps heat and wind, and harms the fetal gas.


Hawthorn is commonly known as the Tang plant, and the mountain is red.

Because it can promote blood circulation and dissipate stasis, it is extremely unfavorable for pregnant women who are pregnant and may even cause abortion.

Therefore, pregnant women should not eat.


Purslane is also known as purslane.
It is cold and slippery, so in the early stages of pregnancy, the intestines are slippery.
Modern clinical practice suggests that purslane can contract uterine smooth muscle.

Therefore, pregnant women are not allowed to eat purslane, but it is an exception before giving birth, eat more purslane, but is conducive to delivery.


Auricularia also known as water-bellied Lai, Luokui, Western cabbage.

Sex is cold and slippery, there are disadvantages of slippery and cooling blood.

As cautioned in “Nanning Drugs”: pregnant women should not take it.

Especially in the early stages of pregnancy and pregnant women who have a habitual abortion (the so-called slippery tire of Chinese medicine), they should not eat it.