Take Chinese medicine pills appropriately with soup

When taking Chinese medicine pills, many people use warm water for delivery.

In fact, taking different Chinese medicine pills with different soups can not only enhance the curative effect, but also recover the bitterness of the medicine, and reduce toxic and side effects.

  Ginger juice deliveryTraditional Chinese medicine pills for ginger juice delivery are mainly used to treat deficiency and cold, such as Fuzi Lizhong Pill, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill and so on.

Because, ginger juice can dispel the wind and dispel cold, and help the effect of medicine.

  Taking rice soup with rice soup can protect the stomach qi and reduce the irritation of the stomach caused by bitter cold medicine.

Therefore, when taking ginseng Jianpi pills, Ginseng Guipi pills, Baizi Yangxin pills should be taken with rice soup.

  Honey water delivery has the effect of moisturizing the lungs, cough, and bowel movements. Taking Lily Gujin Pill, Ma Ren Pill, Run Chang Pill, Yangyin Qingfei Pill, Qingfei Yihuo Pill, etc. can be taken with honey water, butPeople with diabetes should not take it with honey water.

  Yellow wine delivery service has the functions of relaxing tendons, dispersing wind chills, etc., and can be used for delivery of alternative Chinese medicines such as neck and shoulder pain, blood cold and amenorrhea, and bruises, such as Huoluo Dan, Tong Jing Wan, Women Yang Xue Wan, Qi Li San, Yunnan Baiyao, etc.

  Jinsuogujing Pills for sexual function and Liuwei Dihuang Pills for kidney deficiency can be taken with saline solution.

Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and edema should not be taken with sodium sulfate.

  The jujube soup sent to the jujube soup has the functions of tonifying qi and qi, and soothing the medicinal properties.

Generally use jujube 5?
10 capsules, decoction with water, and delivery of Guipi pills.