Fashion women: Go pedaling!

Pedal exercise is a medium-intensity exercise, which does not require too much of the dance level of the practitioner, and is convenient for a wide range of people. It is a sports program that is very suitable for modern women to improve their physical shape.

Nowadays, this sport has been met by many fashionable women in the gym.

  Pedal exercise, that is, dynamic music (about 120 beats per minute) is transmitted on the pedal to dance up and down rhythmically to perform aerobics movements and steps.

It has all the characteristics of aerobics. At the same time, since most of the actions are performed on the pedals, it can more effectively enhance cardiopulmonary function and coordination.

Because it mainly targets the lower limbs and tibia, it has obvious energy consumption and fat reduction (can it consume 1000?
1500 kcal thermal energy), improve hips and legs, improve the effectiveness of female muscle lines.

  The pedals for pedal exercise are generally 100 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 8 cm high.

Of course, the height of the pedal can also be adjusted according to the level of exercise, pedal technology, and knee flexion.

The most basic movements of pedal exercise are upper board and lower board. Do at least 3 exercises per week, and 3 months as a cycle.

  Many women worry that pedaling exercises can make their legs thicker. In fact, this worry is unnecessary.

According to experts, pedal operation is a form of aerobic aerobics. It is a continuous, medium- and low-intensity exercise performed under excessive oxygen supply, which will not make muscles develop.

In addition, the pedal has a certain height, and it takes more energy to complete the same action than on a flat ground. Under the condition of proper diet, the effect of reducing fat will be more obvious.

  Exercise Tips 1.

Wear elastic clothes, preferably cotton or lycra.

Should wear sports shoes, air-cushioned type is better, so that it can incorporate cushioning effect.

Some people jump pedal barefoot, which can easily damage the pedals.


You can combine pedal exercise with the relatively peaceful “fitness ball” exercise to achieve dynamic and static complementation and increase freshness.


If you have uncoordinated movements due to leg fatigue during exercise, you have obvious pain or dizziness in any part of your body, and your heartbeat is fast, you should immediately stop exercising and rest reasonably.