Boston Celtics are uncomfortable now,Including Angie。
They are very optimistic about Smart4Average only7.7Minute,1.5Assist、2.7Backboard。
No data,The efficiency can’t be compared with Xu Xuan at all.
In the office,Young handsome faceless,Angie frowned and lit a cigar。
“Brad,Maybe your choice was right。”Anji took a deep breath,Let the fragrant tobacco smell fill your nostrils:“Maybe things will be better if we choose him?”
The young marshal looked up at him:“We had two chances to pick him。”His voice becomes low:“But we all missed it in the end。”
The office fell silent,Two people did not speak for a while。
“perhaps.”Anji looked at the young marshal with smoke:“We can try another way to get him?”
The young marshal’s expression makes him a little bit puzzled,But Angie was never indecisive!
And Xu Xuan4The performance after the game really attracted him,Especially the game with the Lore Cavaliers made Angie feel very comfortable。
I can do wrong,But i will change!
because.I’ve always been a killer with no emotions!