Liqiu “posted autumn”

Li Qiu, the folks have a “post autumn” said.
It turns out that in the past, the folks had a lot of attention to the solar terms, and most of them were related to eating and preventing diseases. This is not unrelated to people’s concern about their own health.
“People eat food for the sky”, Li Qiu is a very important solar terms, people certainly can’t forget to eat.
The folk popular in the autumn of this day with a hanging scale called people, the weight and the summer time to compare fat and thin, weight loss called “bitter summer.”
At that time, people’s judgments on health often only used fat and thin standards.
If you lose weight, you need to “complement”. The way to make up is to “stick the autumn 膘”, eat delicious food and delicacies, of course, prefer to eat meat, “paste the meat”.
  “Autumn Qiu” is popular among Beijing and Hebei.
On this day, ordinary people eat stewed meat, and people who pay attention to it eat white meat, red meat, meat dumplings, stewed chicken, stewed duck, braised fish and so on.
  At present, the customs of autumn in China are different.
In the past, I used to eat autumn peaches in Hangzhou.
In the autumn, adults and children must eat autumn peaches, one for each person, and leave the core after eating.
On the day of New Year’s Eve, the peach nucleus was thrown into the fire and burned to ashes. It is believed that this would save the plague for one year.
  Liqiu is a big festival that the farmer values.
In the Ludong area, there is a vulgarity of “taking a seat at the beginning of the autumn and going hungry in the spring of next year”, reminding people to step up their farming work and capture the harvest.
Laixi’s farmer said: “It’s raining in the rain, and it’s raining in the autumn.”
There is also the saying that “the autumn is harvested in July and the autumn is lost in June.”
It means that the lunar calendar is in autumn and the grain is expected to be harvested. If the autumn is in the lunar calendar in June, the grain will not be harvested.
For the farmers who used to rely on the days to eat, the meaning of Liqiu is not limited to eating.
  Although it is time to eat in the fall, Chinese medicine practitioners who pay attention to food supplements also have their own eating rules, especially in this autumn that is easy for the population to dry up. Not all delicious food can be greeted.
Therefore, the autumn must also pick and eat.
  Liqiu Runzao is the mainstay, and the autumn leaves are carefully attached.
In autumn, the weather is getting colder. People tend to have different degrees of dryness in the mouth, nose and skin. Therefore, you should eat foods that are nourishing and succulent, and eat less spicy and fried foods.
In the autumn, it is good to eat fresh and sour acid and cold food. The coldness can clear the heat, the nature of the sweet food is nourishing, and it has the functions of urgency, medium and beneficial effects. The sour food has the functions of convergence, birth and thirst.
At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that the relationship between lung and autumn gas is very close, so you should eat more foods that have the effect of moistening the lungs and fluids, such as lily, lotus seeds, yam, medlar, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes and so on.
It seems that after the beginning of autumn, we should pay special attention to regular quantitative, moisturizing and strong body in the diet.
  After a long and hot summer, people often eat frozen foods because of frequent drinking, and often have the phenomenon of weakening the function of the spleen and stomach.
A large number of tonics will suddenly increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, so that the long-term weakened digestive organs can not bear, leading to digestive dysfunction, chest tightness, bloating, anorexia, indigestion, diarrhea and other symptoms.
Therefore, before the fall tonic, you should give the spleen and stomach an adjustment period. You can first supplement some nutritious and digestible foods to regulate the function of the spleen and stomach.
Such as fish, various animal lean meat, eggs and yam, lotus seeds.
In addition, dairy products, beans and fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten in moderation.