Baby Ou thought about it,nod,“remember。Is about the same size as me,Very white,When holding a sign at the sports meeting,The female classmate in the wedding dress?”It was quite a sensation。Because it looks like a wedding dress,Someone asked,The female classmate admitted on the spot。then,At the closing ceremony of the sports meeting,This female classmate confessed to a boy in public,Now in the school forum,And discuss this。
“Did she go abroad in high school??”Baby Ou heard Nini complain about it later,Left a mess and ran away。
because,Brought by this female classmate,Wearing a wedding dress for this sports meeting,There are still students playing。Back then this female classmate,I really brought a bad boss。Every sports meeting in school now,Confession is prohibited。Whoever confesses will be suspended for a month,All class points are deducted。The punishment was not so severe before,After repeated prohibitions,The punishment is getting heavier。
School games,All go to places like national sports fields,Many leaders and colleagues will come,There are many onlookers。First time that year,Shame,After repeated prohibitions,Even more embarrassing。Last year’s games,They are all run in school。Plus the punishment is heavy,I didn’t wear a wedding dress to confess。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Start
Suddenly think of this person,But most of them have a bad influence on the present,Baby Ou’s face is a little faint。
Song Menghai also understands,Just say,“She committed suicide。”
“.”Baby Ou stared。
Xie Yunchu put down the cup,“speak nicely。”