[How to make pumpkin and carrot buns]_ Common practice of pumpkin and carrot buns

It is reasonable to say that people die for food and death, but for today’s society, this is not entirely the case, because many people die because of “food.”

Because of unhealthy eating, many people get sick and die.

In order not to die like this, let’s learn how to make pumpkin and carrot buns with Xiaobian.


12 Ready for material 2.

21 carrots shaved into carrot crumbs 3.

1 Yeast is opened with a small amount of warm water and left to stand for about 5 minutes 4.

2 squeeze out carrot juice 5.

Flour, carrot juice and yeast water and into dough 6.

Let stand until the dough is larger than the original one.

5 times or so.

1 Perform the second stage fermentation, about 30 minutes 8.

2 Take out the dough, vent, roll out, and roll up 9.

Steam on the pot for about 15 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for about 5 minutes.

Let the steamed buns cool and slice 11.

Wash and slice the pumpkin, steam it, and crush it into pumpkin puree 12.

Remove the epidermis 13 of the hoe.

Apply pumpkin puree 14 to each bun, just as you would cream on a cake.

Layer by layer, smearing pumpkin puree 15 over the entire bun.

Sprinkle some steamed carrots to garnish the health of the body. The absorption of nutrients should start from the mouth. So what are you waiting for? Quickly follow the introduction of pumpkin carrot buns by Xiaobian to try to make delicious placement!