Song Huiqiao talks about whitening upgrade maintenance plan

Guide: Transparent and clean skin, pure eyes and plump lips make Song Huiqiao destined to become the best cosmetic model.

From the past cute girl image into a refined urban girl.

hzh {display: none; }  透明洁净的肌肤、纯净的眼神与丰盈的嘴唇让宋慧乔注定成为最出色的化妆品模特。From the cute girl image in the past to a refined urban girl, she has recently been selected as the brand’s image spokesperson. When talking about the image upgrade and maintenance, she said that whitening and moisturizing is the most important.

  ”I am a ‘white-thirsty’ person, and whitening is my most important maintenance.

However, unavoidable frequent makeup, filming stress, lack of sleep, etc. will make you prone to nagging, and also easily cause melanin deposition.

Applying a whitening mask every day, Qinqian Whitening Essence is a homework I must do no matter how tired. Only in this way can I quickly restore my original fairness.

In addition, you need to pay attention to your diet. I rarely eat irritating things like chocolate, cola, and black tea. In addition to eating more fruits, I can usually supplement some multivitamins. You can drink more beauty and beauty drinks, such as ginseng tea and lemonJuice and ginseng nutrients can accelerate blood circulation and have a rosy complexion, while lemon has whitening effect, which can strengthen whitening from the inside out.

“At home, you can mix a fresh egg with a small spoon of honey and brush it on your face. After air-drying, wash it with water. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, triglycerides and yolk, which is a lot of whitening.Essential elements in the product.

  When in the studio, make a cleansing and clearing mask before shooting every day to make the makeup more natural; after work, use water lock to nourish the sleeping mask to save time.

  ”I personally prefer the effect of nude makeup, but some nude makeup are suddenly particularly lifeless.

I think the real good skin is not relying on foundation, it is not smooth and healthy skin without continuous makeup without radiance.

However, when there are many shows, it is easy to get dry around the cheeks. You must add more moisture during basic makeup, and you must use a moisturizing essence as a base; you must first absorb sunscreen when applying a foundation cream; I personally prefer lipstick.Red, rose red and other natural colors.

In addition, I also have a trick. Whenever the pressure builds up, I will take a half-bath with fresh bath products, which can relieve tension and stress.

“In fact, I have always adhered to physical health management, and I want to share with you some of the experiences. One is that you must do some vertical exercise before and after exercise to relax your muscles. When you eat, enjoy slow meals and try to avoid eating fast food to reduce it;Drinking water when you are thirsty is very helpful for your health.

If you are healthy, your skin will look good.

“It’s better not to use glittery makeup, because it’s easy for people to notice it.

  You must remember to use blush, apricot is very suitable for Asians, but before you apply the blush, you must first bounce it on makeup paper or palm, otherwise it will be easy to apply a ball.

  The spray must be carried with you, which can alleviate the problem of stuck powder and makeup removal.

  ”I pay special attention to the care of my hair.

In the filming of a previous film, the whole costume was made in ancient costumes, and a lot of hair gel was applied. After starting it for more than ten hours, my hair couldn’t breathe at all.During that horrible time, her hair was still intact.

As for the choice of hair care products, I am a “loyal fan” of ginseng flowers. Basically, the hair care products I use contain ginseng flower feces.

“When washing your face every morning, be sure to thoroughly wash your hairline. This place is very easy to leave facial cleanser and cause hair loss.

  Hair care lessons are more important to do on the scalp. Regular professional scalp care is just as important as regular skin care.