I just forgot what hurts when I saw you
“Koyuki,Where is your brother-in-law?I want to see him……”
Shen Ruoxi immediately turned her face and cried to Shen Ruoxue。
“Old sister,Brother-in-law is still at war,He didn’t come back this time。”
Only then did Shen Ruoxue understand,Shen Ruoxi must have seen the situation on the stretcher outside,I mistakenly thought that Qin Liang was there,That’s why I’m so sad……
“you……what did you say?”
Shen Ruoxi asked incredulously,The tears on my face are still falling down。
“I said Brother-in-law is still fighting outside,He hasn’t come back yet。”
Shen Ruoxue had to repeat what she said just now。
“Oh……Yes……That’s it……”
Shen Ruoxi stopped crying now,Hurriedly wiped the tears from his face,Murong Shan reached out and stuffed a pack of tissues into her hand。
“Brother-in-law didn’t come back,Brother Yang Zhi and four other brothers are back……”
Shen Ruoxue said bitterly。
“what?Your brother Yang Zhi……He also……”
Shen Ruoxi knows Qin Liang is still alive,Still at war,My heart feels a lot easier,But she saw the scene outside just now,She knows those stretchers,Must have been sacrificed special forces,So when Shen Ruoxue mentioned Yang Zhi’s name,I felt sad again。