There is only sex and cheating in the world

Men’s desire for women comes from three aspects: the first is of course sex, and may account for more than 90%.

The second is affection, which may account for 9%.

And the last one percent includes other reasons, such as the ecstasy complex, the elder sister complex, there must be a woman, and so on.

  So when a friend of mine got caught by his wife while cheating outside, a strange follow-up effect appeared. His wife cried and said to us: “You see, what is worse than that woman; you see, sheThe face that had been plastically adjusted 200 times had legs as thin as a lollipop.

Do n’t you guys do n’t know, I was a flower in college.

Frankly, I really agree with her, because I ca n’t understand. From the university, the wife of my friend who I secretly crushed on this friend has reached the level of handgun, and the other woman, god, I would rather kill myself thanCheating with her.

  After being scolded by a friend, my friend secretly said to me, “Do you know how long I haven’t had sex with my wife?

“At this point, I realized that the problem was not that the women looked good, nor the deep feelings with the women, but, hey, who was going to bed with the man.

  The man said . I said this, it will definitely cause a man’s box full of eggs, but I still have to be honest, because in terms of physical structure, the guy who is in trouble is hung outside, and the woman is hidden in the bodyHere, everyone knows that God freely hangs men’s things out, it seems that he hopes that they can often have contact with the outside world, thus proving that men have more sexual needs than women.

Therefore, when a woman is beautiful, who is cute, who has a temperament, etc., she often forgets that a man is a simple animal, and the possible possibilities he cares about, um, is what I said above, and the outside world.Get in touch.

  At this time, a friend who was in medical care asked the wife of a friend who cried in 18 different costumes and asked a lot of questions. I thought it was very interesting, and I will provide it to female readers for reference.

He asked like this: “Have you ever suspected that your husband has bad breath?

Do you think your husband is too fat?

Do you think your husband will snore when he sleeps?

Have you ever refused to have sex with your husband for these reasons?

Did you ask for a separate bed first?

Are you even more unwilling to have sex with your husband after sleeping in a separate bed?

The eighteen colored costumes stopped crying. She widened her eyes and stared at the doctor. “Do you think it’s all my fault for a long time?”

The doctor friend asked again, “How many poses have you used to have sex?”

Did your husband want to do what the circus action was overruled by you?

Have you never thought that there are many ways to have sex?

Let’s put it this way, is your husband always scolded by you when you watch pornography?

Not only have you never watched A movie with him, you are not sure not to drink your husband for sex, do you think he is shameless, X L, dirty?

“I’m the kind of person who is curious about everything. I listened to the doctor and agreed from the bottom of my heart, but my friend’s wife closed her tears and opened her mouth and scolded us with a molar:” You think women are your tools for ventingYeah, animals without feelings and shit without humanity, why do n’t you men marry a prostitute, and marry our women?

“I’m honest, I have to confess what I said, and I agree with her, which has caused me to overlap. If the doctor is right and the woman is right, what should I do?

  Later, I told this confusion to a female friend, and he answered me with a sneer: “Your friend is confused, his wife is stupid, and you are simply an idiot.

She said that if a man is stealing sex, things are easy to handle; if it is true, the problem will be big. She said, “My husband is also out of order. I ask him if he loves each other. If he loves, there is no wayI had to divorce; if I didn’t love, it was only temporary, and I could forgive him.

Do you know the difference?

“Ha, if I knew, how would I say nonsense here for a long time.”

Dear readers, do you know the difference?

Oh, I do n’t mean to make excuses for men to steal sex outside, nor do women have to endure men’s bad breath and snoring, not to mention that as long as it does not involve emotions, it is human nature for men to find contact with the outside world.Instead, say, hey, sex is also to people, ma’am.

  Highlight once, these have nothing to do with me, but I am honest and frank.

  Words from the family: Men cheat, the purpose is sex, women cheat and intermingle.

For men, stealing is stealing. After stealing it, they don’t feel so cherished.

Women are often misplaced, they want to have something stolen.

  The woman said . what to talk about?

Stealing or stealing love?
It’s totally right to talk to someone in my temperament.

My man was stolen, and I was stolen by another man.

There are other men, of course I stole!

Regardless of looking at it from the perspective of the first, second, third, or onlookers, my history of stealing is all-round!

  What did that article say?

The man’s indispensable temperament is because the woman suspects her bad breath and is unwilling to have sex with circus moves?

go with!

A girlfriend of mine said how much she spent on sexy lingerie and perfume, and wanted to arouse her man ‘s interest, but when she was playing A, she was scolded by her husband, and forced to ask who she taught得她如此肮脏、无耻、X L?After a man has been together for about a year, the unpleasant and unhealthy nature of the bones will crawl out of the cure; unless the strange underwear is replaced by another strange body, it is difficult to move himStart when you feel)!

  After learning about the inferiority of a man, my friend was very happy to meet a “new friend”. For “fresh” reasons, the new friend was hungry when she saw her. She finally picked up her confidence againHeart, enjoyed the pride that a woman should have.


I say this, it will definitely provoke a woman’s box full of eggs. It seems that you have to steal me as well as steal, so that everyone can make the body happy.

But men are really such animals!

Without researching sex techniques, blame a woman for not doing it with her!

Now that the “criminal weapons” are hanging out, I should have been in charge of the “war”. I really wanted to do it with my wife, so I went to buy sexy underwear!

Why bother to be so rebellious and accept, whoever accompanies her to bed is with him, and who he is willing to go to bed with, he is simply deciding!

  Therefore, I am all smart now.

Since you don’t want a man to derail, don’t just stay in the track and wait.


You can only stand outside the track forever, he will be interested in you!

Whatever he asks if he loves each other is some nonsense plus a lie.

Did he fall in love today?

What about tomorrow?