Xiao Huahan was the first to let out an incredible exclamation!
“I have a hasty!I’m just kidding,My wife,Can you use such a heavy hand?Fortunately, you only used half of your skill,otherwise,The palm of you just now,You have to hit me badly and vomit blood!”
Qin Liang began to show him“Actor”Level of acting……
Qin Liang said these few words,All the martial arts practitioners were stunned!Shen Ruoxi only used half of her skill,Beat Qin Liang so embarrassed in one stroke!What a terrible thing this is!
“you……you!”Shen Ruoxi is so tangled,She doesn’t know how to explain this!And in fact,She herself doesn’t know how powerful the Kungfu Bai Daochang taught her is……Because Daochang Bai has been telling her and Murong Shan to practice this set of kung fu,Also said that this set of kung fu is very heavy
want,I didn’t say anything else,and so……
Is this set of kung fu really so powerful??Shen Ruoxi secretly thought,And Murongshan’s suspicion at this moment is the same as Shen Ruoxi’s,Because she is the same as Shen Ruoxi,I don’t know the depth of this Kung Fu at all。
“Thank you wife for not killing。”
Qin Liang is addicted to acting,Endless rhythm。
Shen Ruoxi was finally amused by success。
“Ruoxi’s trick just now,Elegant body,Smart moves,At first glance, it is a very deep skill,Sure enough, Qin Liang didn’t talk nonsense,I completely believe it now。”
Xiao Huahan said with a wry smile。
“Ye’s brother-in-law?So you didn’t believe me just now, did you??Come come,Otherwise, try a fight with your younger siblings?”
Qin Liangming knew that Xiao Huahan would never do anything with Shen Ruoxi,That’s why I deliberately urged like this。
“You can pull it down!My skill is much worse than yours,You just got down,Why should I ask for trouble??You let the younger brother and sister get down,If my brother-in-law is beaten up by my younger brother and sister,Then you can’t make you laugh!So forget it。”
Xiao Huahan shook his head and refused。
“Brother-in-law,Don’t listen to him nonsense,I don’t have much time。”