“Correct,She is my first apprentice,When teaching her,It’s the first time I officially became a master。”
Qin Liang nodded and said。
“Ugh……So many years have passed in a flash。”
Yanzi said with infinite emotion。
“Yep,None of you know,that time,Swallow is a silly girl,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang couldn’t understand what he said.……
“To shut up!Don’t talk about me!”
Yanzi interrupted Qin Liang immediately。
“It’s okay,Swallow,Just let your master say it,Let’s pretend that we can’t hear anything,Qin Liang,You go on,Why was Yanzi so silly when he was a child??”
Yang Shiyun said curiously。
“Sister Shiyun!How are you doing?”
Swallow said tangledly,To Yang Shiyun,She is embarrassed to come,Dare not come。
“I’ll just say the simplest thing……At that time I taught swallows to swim,She got out of the water,Changed the name immediately!”