Oh my God……
Everyone knows that the Twinkle Star Club has roots,Willing to give local young players a chance to grow。But this approach is too bold?
and many more……Is it because the Star Club thinks that there is a camera next to it,So deliberately said this to brush up the favorability,Advertise by the way?
You know that you need to apply in advance to be able to enter the training base to shoot,Flash Star Club agreed to their shooting requirements,And didn’t charge a penny,Do you just want to advertise the flash star here??
In fact, the club does not intend to really let Xia Xiaoyu go to the first team in a year……So this is another form of painting pie?
In Sun Yonggang’s mind“Conspiracy theory”Gradually taking shape,Almost convinced him,He heard Shi Jisheng say:“Don’t look at me like that,I didn’t make this plan,Director Zhao did it。”
“Zhao Gui?”Xia Xiaoyu was stunned。
“Where else can Zhao guide?Of course it is our first team’s head coach, Zhao Kangming, Zhao!”Dai Zetao explained next to him。
“So this is……”Xia Xiaoyu’s brain is a little confused。
“Director Zhao also studied your game videos and materials,He is very optimistic about you。”Shi Jisheng looked at Xia Xiaoyu with a smile。
Was personally followed by the first team coach,He is optimistic about being one of the best in youth training in this country……Xia Xiaoyu only feels like drinking,I feel dizzy,Fell into an incredible sense of happiness。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Genius goalkeeper
Shi Jisheng took Xia Xiaoyu to the team’s youth team training base and dormitory、After walking around the locker room,Finally led him to the first team training ground。