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Usually after sex, if there are no protective measures and you do not want to have children immediately, it is best to take emergency contraceptives. Emergency contraceptives should take a few pills, depending on some kind of drug, and pay attention to emergency contraceptionThe medicine should be taken within 72 hours.

First, women have an unprotected intercourse life. If they do not want children, they must use emergency contraceptives. There are several emergency contraceptives on the market.

So, how many pills should I take for emergency contraception?

Experts point out that different types of drugs require different medications. Mifepristone takes one capsule, while Yuting takes two capsules.

Second, pay attention to taking emergency contraceptives: 1, you must master the time: the drug method should be within 72 hours after the failure of self-confidence or no contraception, as soon as possible.

Oral emergency contraceptives; IUDs should be placed 5 times after intercourse.

2, master the method of taking medicine: taking emergency contraceptives after meals or before bed can reduce nausea, vomiting and other side effects.

3. If vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, immediately take the same dose of emergency contraceptive and add antiemetics.

4. After taking the oral contraceptive pills, during this menstrual cycle, no sexual intercourse without contraception shall occur.

If there is another intercourse, routine methods of contraception should be used.

5. If there is a menstrual period, you should go to the hospital for a pregnancy test and consider whether the emergency contraception has failed.