What a savvy mom should do with her baby’s old toys

“Baby has a lot of toys from birth to now, and there is almost no place in the house.

Throw it away, it ‘s a pity; give it away, now everyone ‘s toys are too much . ”Like red mothers, many mothers are facing the problem of handling baby toys. If you have similar confusions, you might as well listenAdvice from savvy moms.

  Smart mother high trick one: This is so easy to handle!

You can go to Taobao or other second-hand childcare trading sites to sell, you can also exchange other things you need there, and you can also sell to local toy rental shops.

The last and greatest move is to place them in a welfare home or a poor mountain area and donate them for free to children who need toys there!

  Smart mother’s trick two: I think it can be dealt with in the following situations: first see if there is any possibility that you can improve it and continue to play with your baby, and if so, stay; if you need to dispose of the toy, tell the baby in advance to avoid himThink about it later and then look for it; on the basis of soliciting the opinion of the child, take him to send the toy out, such as to a child of a relative or friend, or place it in a welfare institution, to cultivate the child to learn to love others; if there is no contactWhen you go to these places, you can consider dealing with them at a low price, and some find parent-child sites or flea markets.

  Smart mother trick three: I don’t think some toys need to be disposed of.

Some old toys, if you play with your child, can play some new tricks, the baby will like it.

Some old toys can also be dismantled by children, tell him the internal structure, encourage him to assemble it, it is also very fun!

  Smart mother’s trick four: first pick a few more and save it. When your baby grows up, you can recall the scene of playing these toys with him. The baby will be very happy, which also allows you to exchange feelings.

There are others. I plan to set up a children’s playground, and ask my neighbors to come to my house and play these toys with my baby.