Xia Chenglong roared,Immediately afterwards, the Vulcan ring and Thunder God ring radiated light,The two arms of the idol began to change,A flame,Glowing crimson,One with indigo blue,Faintly flowing thunder and lightning。

Before the other party reacted,Hit directly with both fists。 Suddenly suffered the attribute he least wants to encounter,Black Qi becomes nothingness in being burned,That hideous face shrank from weakness。 “Cough cough!” Idol disappeared,Xia Chenglong resisted the blood donation and did not come out,Suppression of Darkness,Suppression of one's own realm,Makes him suffer great pain when he uses martial arts。 Now I feel the dragon that I met in Bencheng before,How helpful is it,If it weren't for it continuously strengthened his body,I'm afraid now don't talk about command


“I am your daughter,But i’m not a puppet。at least,I should have the right to make friends。Some relationship,Not as complicated as you think。Wang Li wants to give me something,I can’t control。If father feels inappropriate,,Then let people return it。I am such a person without freedom,No right to make a decision。”

“you……What is your attitude?I read,The ban is not long enough,You haven't figured out what to do。Since you think you are not wrong,Then you continue to stay here and reflect on。When did I know it was wrong,To come out。” Sang Chengyuan's face black,Take the housekeeper,Left angrily。 Sang Qingrou watched him leave,Looked at this exquisite house again,Suddenly feel ridiculous。 Said something you don't like,Should be forbidden。She is the eldest lady of scenery,I have to watch other people's faces。 The things Ouyang Yan gave were all over the floor,Looking at those bright co


“Even if I lost all my belongings,I want to fight for this tone!”

Finished,She turned and left。 And Ren Dongguo is bitter,Tao:“Wife,Jewelry is your lifeblood,We can't do this。” “mom,Let me figure it out,I think borrowing from my classmate……” For a while。 Because of a meal,Lead to the three of Ren Yurou,Shirk each other。 And the Ren Fengping sisters over there are still aggressive。 Just when this situation is deadlocked,A figure ran over。 “square,President Fang……” Song Hyea looked at each other in shock。 This is the boss in charge of the general affairs of the restaurant。 in other words,At Hongfu Restaurant,He is under one person


And what surprised him more was;Although Shen Ruoxue’s effort is far from enough,But it also looks decent,It is indeed a big improvement。

He can at least be certain;During his absence,Shen Ruoxue still insisted on exercising herself very hard。 “Not bad。” Qin Liang didn't fight back,It just dodges Shen Ruoxue's attack in a flashy manner。But I couldn't help but praise her。 “I fight Xiaoyun every day。” Shen Ruoxue stopped the attack,Proud to say。 “Yep,I can tell,You are indeed better than before,I didn't even find the door of Kung Fu before,Now standing at the door,Really good。” Qin Liang said with satisfaction。 “Those bodyguard brothers said,No actual combat,No amount of practice is useless。” Shen Ruoxu


Xia Chenglong is not like others,It’s because he knows that his path is different from the other,No matter how strong the opponent is, there is no way to give much advice。

“Are you looking for the woman Zong Xueqin??” “You know each other?” The originally gentle Xia Chenglong suddenly became angry and murderous,This is murderous to that woman,It means I really want to kill that person at this moment。 “know a little,Don't underestimate each other,There is a force behind that woman supporting。” …… There are people behind Zong Xueqin,He also thought about this problem,But it was rejected later,The opponent has no record of collaborating with any external power in the past three years,And her own strength is not enough to attract the attenti


Liu Xiaoyun protested with a guilty conscience。“Actually, Xiaoyun, you should be happy,I just said that everyone will attack you together,But actually only your brother-in-law,Sister Yanzi,Xiaoxue and I attacked you,None of the other girls attacked you,Explain that your popularity is still quite good!your

Sisters are reluctant to hit you,You should be very proud,Ha ha。” Yang Shiyun said with satisfaction。Seeing that Liu Xiaoyun can get along with the girls of the Rose Legion so well,She is really happy for Liu Xiaoyun。 “Thank you everyone for showing mercy to my men,Thank you。” Liu Xiaoyun was very sensible and immediately thanked all the little girls。“But Xiaoyun,to be honest;I am very dissatisfied with your performance just now!You were completely panicked at the beginning,You don't have the courage and courage you usually have when you catch bad guys.,That's why you we


Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun replied in unison。

“Then you are not bullying me?Three people against me,Seriously despise you。” Qin Liang also deliberately learned from Shen Ruoxue's tone。 “Contempt is invalid,We can only despise you,You can't despise us。” Shen Ruoxue said frankly。 “I have a hasty!I always think I'm unreasonable enough,You are even more unreasonable than me!” Qin Liang pretended to be helpless and answered。 “That is,This is called one thing drop one thing。” Shen Ruoxue said triumphantly。 “I think,Fortunately there are me and Xiaoxue in this family,Otherwise, no one can cure you,Brother-in-law。” Li


Standing committee members,Everyone has a division of labor,Wen Qingxuan’s division of labor is to escort the broadcast vehicle,Take the lead,Leading the village publicity,If it doesn’t work,Or the radio car was attacked,Then the police outside the village will enter the village to arrest people。

Cui Ci glanced at Wen Qingxuan,Wen Qingxuan understands the meaning of his eyes,As the vanguard of action,alone,Undoubtedly the stones in the hands of the villagers、brick、The living target of dung soup,The masses who might still be irritated“Dharma on the spot。”But he has no choice,Can only bite the bullet and accept the task。 After the meeting,Split up immediately,Wen Qingxuan came to the yard,Walk to the front of the radio car,See a young guy in the cab,That's what he looks like in his twenties,Looking around at something,Wen Qingxuan knocked on the car window,That guy r


Wu Guanqi reaches out,Said:“Changyi,If you have no relationship with her,Then I announce to you now,This Yin Nan,starting today,I decided to pursue her,Want to marry her!”

Peng Changyi heard Wu Guanqi say that he wants to pursue Yinan,And also marry Yi Nan as his wife,His eyes widened,Said:“Wu Guanqi,Don't think our Sanyuan girls are all cheating,I tell you,Yi Nan and Ye Mei are completely different people,Pursue Yin Nan?I advise you to die as soon as possible。” “why?”Wu Guanqi said aggrievedly。 Peng Changyi said:“I just said,She and your night lady are completely different people,And you,The same person as Miss Night,Reason with this,Of course Yi Nan is different from you。” Wu Guanqi said:“I just told you,People of the same kind cannot go


“Yep,You can do this very well。”

Chen Hao is not a flattery to Qin Liang,Last time Shen Ruoxi made things difficult for Qin Liang,Want him to make a draft of the underwear design in such a short time,Everyone in the company thought that Qin Liang must be over,As a result, he not only handed in the draft design on time,And that design draft has also been affirmed by everyone including Shen Ruoxi。 So Chen Hao is full of confidence in Qin Liang's vision。 “You have to help me do this together,I am a novice,Never played this trick。” Qin Liang actually thought;Just leave all the troubles to Chen Hao,He is onl