The outside world was very skeptical,I think watermelon.com is too aggressive,What does your charity concert mean?,Donate tens of millions。

Why do you have to make such a big noise,Treat fans with such a high price? But then,That is, the pre-sale of tickets started a few days ago,One-third of the tickets are released on the ticketing website at a time,Exploring the watermelon net,Got a big surprise。 Just20Less than minutes,All ticket sources are sold out。 includes1000Multiple Gundam2In case the most expensiveVIPTickets。 I watched the fans in their respective groups、Talking on the meager camp,Everyone understands。 “do my best!For my sister Xiaofeng's first serious singing,I bought it5000Yuan this file!” “I


“so what?Those who lose can only prove that they are not good enough,Good papers will not be ignored。”Fu Yunfei said seriously。

He's not afraid to offend people by saying this。 Next to Shen Huan、Fu Yunfei's lover Bai Wushuang,But has been《natural》Returned once。 But Bai Wushuang himself didn't feel embarrassed。 Not capable,Then there is nothing to say。 Besides, Bai Wushuang was retired,The editor in chief wrote an Analects and sent it back.。 Can have this comment,It's also a rare treatment,Prove that at some point,Bai Wushuang's Thesis,Just board《natural》Qualifications。 Back again。 A physicist has the courage to give《natural》Submit papers,Itself is an expression of confidence in yourself,Is th


It’s more than five or six catties than starting、For seven or eight catties of food fish,It looks too shabby。

Is Boss Zhou saying something ironic?? But it doesn't look like it! Boss Zhou didn't notice his expression,Just continue:“When i was at home,I have eaten it once at most2Heavy Songjiang Fourgill Perch,It is said that in all the Songjiang four-gill bass,One pound is considered good,Two catties……Not to mention the price,Just how to find,It's all a big problem!” I heard Boss Zhou say this,Li Rencheng suddenly felt at ease,“Ha ha……In that case,Let's start eating!Best to eat while hot!” “exactly,Mrs. Zhou, please!”The helpers next to him are also a bit greedy。 They have act


Even if the quality is really good,with《love letter》In comparison,Still a big difference。

《love letter》But a classic in another world。 If only about pure love movies,It can even hit90Minute。 Unfortunately,in《love letter》Before the market test,People generally lack confidence in it。 Ding Lun calls Shen Huan from time to time。 The news is not ideal。 The three big movie giants refused,The five second-tier film companies also refused,None of the third-tier players agreed to buy out。 Even in terms of distribution,The major theaters are not willing to bear the share,But insist on signing a guarantee。 It means that not only all distribution and promotion costs《l


But Rose seems to be prepared,Body suddenly volleyed and twisted,Double knife in hand,A pull,A dozen knives were thrust into Mo Xiaosheng’s abdomen like lightning.。

Mo Xiaosheng reacts very quickly,The wrist is extremely flexible shaking the pure Jun sword in the hand,Suddenly“jingle”The sound of unison,Coefficient resolves Rose's tricks! Rose pierced with ten knives,The body has already landed,Slid sideways two steps away,Then rushed towards Mo Xiaosheng again quickly。 Mo Xiaosheng squinted his eyes,Watching every movement of Rose carefully,The moment she rushed to her,Mo Xiaosheng clenched the hilt and sank down,Then his arms jerked,Aim at her flaws,Pick from the bottom up diagonally,Take her left belly straight。 Rose's eyes sudde


Not raising your hands is enough to represent TSMC’s attitude。

“Ok,So the next step is to study our brain-computer chip technology,Technology sharing requires a charter,How to allocate capital,How to distribute research results we need to draft a charter!”Tim·Cook cleaned up and said。 “and many more!”Liu Jiren, who has been reluctant to speak, said。 “what happened?Liu,Do you have any question?” “Yes。Zhongwei means that TSMC needs to abandon the orders that have been placed for China and Changxiang Technology??”Liu Jiren asked。 “of course!It's not what i mean,What everyone meant!”Tim·Cook nodded,Rubbed his brows and said。 “What abo


At this time, a well-dressed,Heavy outfit,Gorgeous-looking young girl,With cigarette in hand,Came over and asked:“Mr,Is there a fire??”That sound,Full of temptation。

I spread my hand,Shook his head and said:“sorry,beauty,I don't smoke。” The girl said immediately:“Nothing,Actually, I rarely smoke,How about making friends?” I followed her warm eyes and looked at the Medusa logo on the collar of my suit on my chest,Can't help laughing。 No wonder so many people follow me intentionally or unintentionally,And the gorgeous women took the initiative to strike up a conversation,It turns out they are focusing on my tens of thousands of luxury goods,Instead of my handsome face。 No wonder those single dogs sing single love songs every day,I am


Ye Wenwen advised him to learn something,I still think I should find something to do for this guy,Involve his energy,Lest you stay at home every day,Maybe you think about messing up things。

After Fang Hao successfully signed up,Didn't go to class right away——The class he enrolled won't start until next week,This also makes him idle at home this week without doing anything。 When Ye Wenwen went to work,He is at home alone,Either reading novels or playing games,I didn't do anything messy。 ——Ye Wenwen will take care of those messy things,No need to use it elsewhere。 The cohabitation of the two of them has just begun,It's far from greasy。 And Ye Wenwen wanted to hold this man,I will cooperate more often。 For example,Fang Hao sometimes asks her: “Can you wear


“Ok.Since you have guessed it,I don’t have to keep hiding,Nuclear escape,It is a special ninjutsu learned by the members of Hydra,and so,Deputy Director of SHIELD,Outstanding Comrade Husky,It is our Hydra who sent the undercover lurking in SHIELD!”

“what!”Shikamaru was surprised,Obviously an undercover,Actually became the second in command of SHIELD,I feel incredible。 “to be frank,We Hydra did not expect,Because strictly speaking,When I decided to send an undercover agent in SHIELD,Huskies are still new to Hydra,The task of undercover can only be completed by the newcomer Husky,At the same time, in order to protect Comrade Husky's identity from being exposed during the mission,I'm the only contact for Comrade Husky,In other words,I am the only one who knows Husky's undercover identity。” “I just decided to go underco


After Xuan Ziwen left,There are only oranges and Qianyu in this room……

Oranges resting their chin,Smiling and looking at Qianyu in front of you,“Qianyu student,Are you from the Star Luo Empire?” Being fully focused,Qianyu said lightly with the three-level offensive soul guide carved“Is not!” The tenth-level defensive soul guide itself already has it,What is missing now is the offensive soul guide! In the next few years,To avoid exposing yourself,The existence of an offensive soul guide is necessary! Oranges,Clenched fists,Speak slowly“Is it,I was originally from the Star Luo Empire,Forced to rebel against his country,Came to the Sun Moon E