“Haha。”Du Lei smiled,Said:“Why are you so clear?,I wish you got married right away,Save us always thinking about you。”
“I won’t marry!Tired of you。”Ding Yi said blankly,Don’t let Du Lei speak,Just hung up。
Not for a while,Ding Yi’s phone rang,She saw Jiang Fan,A stone fell to the ground in my heart,Just connected,Just listen to Jiang Fan:“Are you waiting for me?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Yes,Lord Mayor said he will call me back,So i have to wait for his call。”
Jiang Fan laughed too,Said:“naughty,Say,what’s up?Don’t tell me you have overtime work at night。”Jiang Fan stopped her first。
Ding Yi is embarrassed,Said:“I really have something tonight,The director just said he would treat,Invite Yue Sufen, me and the channel director,Just the four of us。”
“Didn’t you say you made an appointment to go out at night??”Jiang Fan is a little dissatisfied。
“said,He said let me try。”
“What if I told you the same?”
“You wouldn’t say that,You would say,Ok,I support you,Go,eat more。”Ding Yi said playfully。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“It seems that I have only one choice,What if i don’t agree?”
“Then I will listen to you,Push them。”Ding Yi said simply。
“Then how can I bear to make you embarrassed。it is good,But i have to see you tonight,I really have something to discuss with you,Call me after you finish eating,I’ll pick you up。”Jiang Fan asked。
“Let them see bad。”Ding Yi said worriedly。
“Then you can take a taxi to find me。But I have to hit the female driver’s car at night。”Jiang Fan told。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Do not worry,No one robs me,Sister Yue said about a thirty-year-old woman,The probability of being robbed is lower than the probability of being attacked by terrorists。”
“Haha。I’m the opposite of what she thinks,I think a thirty-year-old woman is at the time。”