Regular seasonMVPwhat,Xu Xuan wants to take it too。
But this season’s Curry is a little bit frustrated to be honest,Otherwise, I won’t get all the first votes。
All honors have been issued,In general,No suspense this year,Most prizes can be guessed beforehand。
And here,Over time,The first round of the two sides is finally over。
The Raptors and Eagles really hit the tiebreak all the way,The Hornets have enough experience in the first six games,But it’s tiebreak,They can’t stand it anymore。
At that time it was more than just the pressure of the state,And psychological pressure,Double attack,Led to the last game the Hornets had73Minute,And the Raptors got it106Minute,33Huge difference。
It’s hard for you to think that this is a group of inscrutable teams that have played before.。
Then the Pacers’ opponents in the second round are set,Toronto Raptors。
to be frank,This is not a very good result,Because the Pacers have to go away first,Raptors ranked second in the regular season,Home court advantage。
the other side,The Eagles did not give the Celtics a chance to drag the game to the tiebreaker,They beat each other cleanly in the sixth game,Big score4ratio2Promotion。
The Eastern Conference semifinals are:WalkerVSRaptors,knightVSeagle。
Although the Warriors missed the third game,Lost to mosaic,But the fourth game still found the place。
Curry was still absent and did not appear,But Clay broke out。
Can’t play the fourth game30Minute three-pointers11cast7in,Won27Minute,All from the first three quarters。
The boss of the Warriors said,They are never stephen·Curry’s one-man team,But to have a complete system,Leading other teams by light years。
At least in the match against Mosaic,The Warriors proved it。In the absence of Curry,They are still playing well,Win easily,To4-1Advance to the second round。
Mosaic fiasco,This season’s journey ends here。