Medicinal food chrysanthemum

You can drink more chrysanthemum tea in Qingming in spring. In the clearing season, the weather is warm and yang develops. At this time, sometimes chrysanthemum tea with the functions of evacuation of wind and heat and clearing the liver and eyesight can replace liver biliary and clear the meridians.The cold evil accumulated in the body is emitted.

Chrysanthemum effect Chrysanthemum is cool, tastes bitter, has heat-clearing and detoxifying, phlegm and cough-clearing, clears liver and eyesight, and evacuates wind-heat. It can treat headaches caused by hyperactivity of liver fire, cold caused by exogenous wind-heat, and relieve eyes.Soreness and visual fatigue are also effective for neurological headaches and dizziness.

Drinking chrysanthemum tea often can expand arteries and increase coronary flow, lower blood pressure, and long-term complications can also reduce plasma.

The role of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum contains some volatile oil, especially white chrysanthemum contains borneol, camphor, chrysanthemone and other components, which has obvious antihypertensive and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea contains 0.

9% of trace pollutants. These trace pollutants can interact with the flavonoids in chrysanthemums on the human body, thereby exerting the effect of “clearing heat and detoxifying.”

However, some studies have shown that trace amounts of chrysanthemum tea may cause the body to chill, and a series of human immune system declines, so drink chrysanthemum tea in moderation and should not drink more.

The role of chrysanthemums in making tea1, Gongju Gongju has the effect of clearing the liver.

2. Bai Ju Bai Ju has the strongest effect of evacuating wind and heat, which can reduce fire, relieve liver fire, dizziness and bloating.

3, Hang Ju Hang Ju clearing heat and swallowing the strongest effect, sore throat can be used for those with sore throat.

4, wild chrysanthemum wild chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum clears heat and detoxifies, and has the strongest effect on swelling. It is effective for healing oral ulcers, toothache, and bad breath caused by fire.Dilute and other adverse reactions.