really,After a minute has passed,She also heard this voice。
This time Shen Huan noticed the sound。
The boy turned and walked to the other side,In the gap between an old tree and the wall ten meters away from the house,I saw a dirty little dog,Curled up there,Open your eyes vainly,Looking at the world in a daze。
Bai Wushuang squatted down before Shen Huan,Touched its little head,I gently lifted it out in my hands。
I saw a puppy very young,About one or two months,Just a little bigger than a slap。
Looks like his body is muddy,And also very thin。
The puppy is in very bad condition,Even breathing is a little weak,The sound is also very small。
Even being held by Bai Wushuang,They just made a soft sound,No struggle at all。
“Take it to me first?”Shen Huan suggested,“We give it a bath,Feed something,See what’s wrong with it by the way。”
Relying on“I and animals are friends”skill,In fact, the teenager probably heard the dog’s feelings of panic and fear。
But because it is too small and fragile,Can’t move,Don’t know what to do,So I let Bai Wushuang hold it。
Bai Wushuang doesn’t like small animals。