Fashion mother breastfeeding new three

Although mothers all know the benefits of breastfeeding, things are not always satisfactory, and sometimes because of objective conditions, it is impossible for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

At this time, you can choose some breastfeeding products and make them a good helper for you.

  Some breastfeeding mothers of the nipple protector will experience nipple pain or papillitis during feeding, which will affect both the mood of the mother during feeding and the feeding of the baby.

Mothers can choose to use a nipple protector, which can be put on the nipple protector when feeding the baby.

It can also prevent your baby from biting your mother’s nipple while breastfeeding.

The nipple protector is made of silicone material, so nursing mothers can feed with peace of mind.

  Breastfeeding pumps Some breastfeeding mothers go to work after maternity leave, and cannot breastfeed your baby on time.

Some mothers can’t breastfeed properly because of going out and other factors.

You can try using a breast pump to suck breast milk into a bottle, and then use the bottle to feed your child’s breast milk.

  When the breast milk pump is in use, press the breast milk pump on the breast, the breast pump sucks the breast milk into the bottle, and the breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator.

The cleaned breast milk that is sucked out can be taken out for use or replaced by someone else instead of the baby.

  There are two breast pumps, electric and manual, on the market. Breastfeeding mothers can choose any.

Refer to the instruction manual.

  Breast pump When the baby doesn’t need to feed, and the mother’s milk secretion starts again, the breast will feel sore, so use the breast pump to suck out the extra milk.

  It should be noted that the milk sucked by the breast pump should not be stored and fed to the baby. It should be stored, because the milk sucked by the breast pump cannot be cleaned in a large number of cases.