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“Hey,Master Mo,Master Mo!” A group of doctors hurriedly reached out to help Mo Jinyu。 Mo Jinyu's face is pale,Mo Xiaosheng's words kept swirling in my mind,really,It's not twelve o'clock yet,He's already too late to cry。 “what?” Mo Ziqin's body also trembled suddenly,Crimson asked Zhao Zhong with his eyes:“She is only in her thirties this year,Want her to amputate?It's better to kill her!” “We can't help it,To save her life,Can only do this,He Ju。”Zhao Zhong sincerely advised。 “Isn't it just a snake venom??How could it be so serious?” Mo Ziqin's heart surges,Holding


Get married now,Everything is new,Bride is old。

of course,This just represents the young people now,A large part。 Not to say,Everyone is like this。 Mama Liang didn't expect,Own daughter,So stupid。 Heard what my daughter said,An angry face,Open road:“Then adapt,you need to know,You will be married,Is not living at home,But lived in Lin Yu's house。” “and so,Adapt now,Nothing。” Dad Liang heard what Mom Liang said。 Frowned,Open road:“Yes,You have to learn to adapt in advance,if not,Don't you want to forever,Do you live with us??” “Ok!” Meet my parents,Look at the moment。 If I don't live in Lin Yu's house,,Then come


The boy was stunned,I don’t know if it’s angry or funny,He actually lost to a girl!After a few seconds,Said something to her coldly:“Goodbye!”

A gentle and deep voice came into Yan Mo's ears,Her eyebrows dyed a smile,Waving,Replied:“Goodbye。” He steps,Step by step towards her。Breeze blowing,The broken hair on his forehead Qingwu,Handsome face,With coldness,Make people afraid to approach easily。But those eyes are as bright as stars,Addictive。 Yan Mo Kandu,The person in front of me seems to be walking out of the painting,Make people unable to move their eyes,The book slipped quietly between my fingers。 He seemed to be uncomfortable with Yan Mo's hot gaze,stamp,Don't overdo it,Asked quietly:“How long do you plan t


Everyone sighed secretly。

Except for good and longevity,Fu Lu Shou Samsung actually knows,Can you still say that they don't know how? Master heard what Shen Huan said,Continue to grind along the emerald green jade to the side。 Gradually,The emerald green area is also revealed,It's actually the same as the fiery red one。 Such a large area,Really tempting。 The plane has all been revealed,The next step is to grind down,See how thick it is。 If only a thin layer,That must be a great pity。 But if it is as thick as a finger,Is already definitely posted。 If it is twice as thick,Maybe five or six jade


“You say so,Li Bi and Jin Guwei are very popular today,Seems to have a lot of credit for me?”Shen Huan said with a dumb smile。

“of course!”Wang Zhaodao,“Both music companies have to thank you!Not only did you drive the development of the two singers,And how much did they borrow from you?The whole is posted!” Paused,He asked curiously,“By the way, they really haven't called you?” “said。” Shen Huandao,“Fu Bufan and Yuan Brother both called,The two companies also actively donated to our charity fund100Ten thousand,I agreed。” “This is sensible。”Wang Zhao laughed。 Donate to《life long love》In the fund used,It's much better than directly giving Shen Huan money。 Teacher Lu Xiaofeng can't collect this


“That one.Last time I remembered the same thing?”Wu Di tentatively asked。

“Ok?”Lu Li raised his head and looked at her,“What's the matter?Was it discovered by them??” He knows that this is a forbidden technique in the organization,Is this thing already known by the organization?If so,Wu Di's situation is also precarious。 “Nothing!”Wu Di quickly said,She became more flustered,She doesn't know what to ask,I quickly dismissed this idea in a panic。Maybe I will have more chances in the future,Naturally know。 ------------ Chapter Eleven Floating like a dream “Floating Fantasy and Against the Dust,How did these two organizations come from?Do you


“Nothing,Not wronged。”

Lin Yu who heard this,Look at this time,The lord of the Chen family with someone,Open road。 “That's good。” The head of the Chen family replied respectfully。 Simultaneously,Also fluke,Go out today,Brought so many people out。 if not,Lin Shao has trouble,I can't make it myself。 “who are you?” Tong's housekeeper heard,Look at the Lord of the Chen Family,Open road。 “I? I am the head of the Chen family of the four great families in Jianghu City。” The head of the Chen family doesn't even know who this person is,same,I don't want to know who the other party is。 Because in


This is convenient for Shen Huan,Find a blind spot,Transfer between,So he jumped into the house。

Carefully avoiding several cameras facing the courtyard inside,Shen Huan is attached outside a utility room on the first floor,I smashed the switch clip,Opened it quietly。 Foot on the ground,Shen Huan started to use the skill of fighting cattle,Explore the space of hundreds of square meters under the soles of the feet。 Any warehouse with hidden treasures,Usually it's impossible to be on the second floor、Third floor。 Because we have to consider the weight bearing,There are also security issues。 Even if you can bear such a heavy weight on the second floor,If people blow u



Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Three Too quiet I didn't talk to him about the rest,Huang Lei didn't mean to keep asking,In his opinion, he only needs to know that this guy is the one he wants to deal with,that's enough。 As for the next situation,I guess I won't know until I really meet each other,After all, you have to experience it yourself to be clearer。 Strange to say,It seems quite quiet these two days,But no exception occurred,This also makes Huang Lei feel puzzled,Before that the other party showed up,There was really no movement in the next two days,There are not


“Why be afraid?Don’t you think the old class wants to protect me??”Lu Yuxin still smiles sweetly。

“Maintain you?You really didn't see how big a fire broke out in the old class today!I almost smashed all the phones I received!”The little freckles described with flying brows,I'm afraid Lu Yuxin doesn't know how great。 “Not afraid,Lu Yuxin is right,The head teacher is defending her。”Wang Yufei sighed against Lu Yuxin's gaze。 “How to maintain?Why are you two so sure?and also,How do you know that Lao Yu knows?”Guo Xiaoyi next to me is confused,Why is she looking at the exaggerated look of freckles,I just feel nervous,The two of them are both calm and calm。 “If their head