Ding Yi knows what his sister-in-law thinks of him,Just said:“sister in law,Is a temporary task,Director treats for a while,Then work overtime。”

“Haha。”Du Lei smiled,Said:“Why are you so clear?,I wish you got married right away,Save us always thinking about you。” “I won't marry!Tired of you。”Ding Yi said blankly,Don't let Du Lei speak,Just hung up。 Not for a while,Ding Yi's phone rang,She saw Jiang Fan,A stone fell to the ground in my heart,Just connected,Just listen to Jiang Fan:“Are you waiting for me?” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Yes,Lord Mayor said he will call me back,So i have to wait for his call。” Jiang Fan laughed too,Said:“naughty,Say,what's up?Don't tell me you have overtime work at night。”Jiang Fan stopped


Yang Shiyun was shocked!I didn’t wait for her to figure out what happened,Qin Liang’s car has passed the front of her car,Fell back to the driveway smoothly,Then I moved away from myself without slowing down!

The victory is reversed instantly! Yang Shiyun tried to catch up for a while,It turned out to be farther and farther away from Qin Liang。 The karting in this yard is five laps at a time,So when Yang Shiyun ran to four and a half laps,Qin Liang is already waiting for her at the end。 It's over……The book is written by myself,The conditions for winning are up to you,There is no excuse for repentance……Yang Shiyun secretly thought。 Dolly to the end,Yang Shiyun took a peek at Qin Liang,I found that he was looking at himself with a smile,Hurriedly turned his head away…… Return


Meizi asked curiously。

“will not!Since he wants to rest here,It means he is tired,How could he spend more effort to climb the mountain??His resting place,One is near here!” Liu Xiaoyun's confident answer…… Around the path,The nearest is a large independent house that looks like a power station or something,There are also several nearby houses that don't know what they are doing.。 “What are those houses for?” After watching carefully for a while,Liu Xiaoyun pointed at the distant houses and asked。 “Oh,Those are occasionally occupied,Is a work house,I usually store some tools or something,Some


“Tired is indeed a little tired,Fortunately, our master recently cut our practice time by half,otherwise,Just my little plastic body,I guess I can’t resist……”

Shen Ruoxi lowered her voice to Murong Shan,Chen Hao and Song Min said。 Although Daochang Bai has always lived here,,But in addition to splitting into groups every day to teach the disciples to practice kung fu,She mostly meditates in her room other times。 of course,Shen Ruoxi and others will arrange time every day to accompany her elderly,Talk to her,By the way, ask questions about the coach's skills。 Daochang Bai has also sacrificed a lot for his female apprentices!When she lived in the mountain Taoist temple,Every day you can go for a walk in the beautiful mountains,E


Yanzi immediately gave up the opportunity to keep asking,Of course she knows:Asking is for nothing,Then why ask again。

“sister,how about you?What kind of boyfriend do you want to find?” Shen Ruoxue asked Yanzi the same question while pushing the boat。 “I?I can't get married,A female killer,No one dares to ask,Unless I live enough, I want to die,Hahahaha。” Yanzi joked to prevaricate this question。 “You can not say that you are a female killer。” Shen Ruoxue said frankly。 “Why don't i say?I not only said,I would also like to emphasize:I am the most powerful female killer in the world so far,none of them,Humph。” The swallow answered triumphantly,She is not showing off,She was just asking


Yong Jun has been watching,He found that Zhang Qinghuan just nodded to show that he would cooperate,I didn’t suddenly get excited to protest or refuse to cooperate.……

Seems to have accepted fate? He sighed slightly in his heart。 “Then we start……”Chen Jianyu sitting on Zhang Qinghuan's bedside chair,Raise Erlang's Legs,Put the open notebook on your lap,Hold the notebook with one hand,Pen in one hand。“This injury resulted in retirement,Have you thought about this result before?” He is straight to the point,Go straight to the topic,Don't go in circles with Zhang Qinghuan at all,Use even some offensive questions to hit Zhang Qinghuan's heart,Let him think and pretend under this aggressive offensive,Show the true inner thoughts to the grea


The old revolution that has something to do with Sanyuan and who contributed the most to Sanyuan is Yuncai Yun.,He is also a senior leader of a former national ministry that Wu Youfu often visits,This old leader has done a lot to Sanyuan,Actually, he is not yet Sanyuanren,It’s just that he led the troops to open up a rear base in the Sanyuan area.,A person who has turned into a discoloration after being talked about by the Kuomintang reactionaries,Later became the first county party secretary of Sanyuan after New China,A well-known battle story of this old leader,It appeared in the elementary school Chinese textbooks in Jingzhou Province in the early years。

With Peng Changyi's heart,He wanted to be the first to visit this old revolutionary。I remember the CCTV news broadcast,At a Chinese New Year tea party,Peng Changyi saw that in several old revolutions,There is this old leader。According to Qi Xiang,Sanyuan has always been obsessed with these old revolutionaries,They are not only a valuable resource of Sanyuan,It is also the strongest backer of Sanyuan,Their health always cares about Sanyuan,Knowing that these old revolutions enjoy state treatment,But Sanyuan still trained a large number of young girls,To be the nanny of these


“Stop it,be good。”I pushed her away,A little bit stronger,Li Xiaolu looked surprised。

“You are pregnant now,Can't do that kind of thing,I just endure it。”I explained,What if you are doing this,In case it's time to become twins,Will one really be mine?Besides, I really don't want to touch Li Xiaolu,Even if you do it yourself。 “thank you,Husband。”Li Xiaolu's pretty face is touched,The little bird got into my arms like a human。 to be frank,I feel ridiculous,Even pregnant,Other men ruined her wantonly,Come to me,But from the obsession,Unwilling,do not know either,Did Li Xiaolu tell Lai Yumin?,She has news of her pregnancy。 This night,I had a dream,Dreaming of


Dad is happy to ignore their business,Dianer Dianer followed mother,Went upstairs。

“brother,Serious,How is this car driving。” “so so,But I can make do with it。” “How many cars do you have in general?let me tell you,like you,Unless you take a public car,The money you earn can not afford it。brother,I wanted to say,You quit,I am short of manpower。” “Bastard talk!” At this moment,A majestic voice blasted on the brothers' heads,Scared the two。 Only then did Guan Hao see that it was his father's stern face,Glared,Standing upstairs yelling at my brother。 Brother Guan Yao stuck out his tongue,Whispered:“What not to do,Eavesdrop on the wall。” “Don't be seri


Shen Ruoxi blushed,Shyly defending myself。

“I prove!When I wasn't with Qin Liang before,,Ruoxi will occasionally be willful,Spit a little temper,Since marrying Qin Liang,I never saw her like that again anyway,When I saw her, I was a little birdie,I look so pitiful。” Chen Hao also spoke。She is both praise and ridicule,By the way, I also teased Shen Ruoxi's rhythm。 “Screw you!When have I been a little bird!I'm an eagle, OK?!” Shen Ruoxi said unwillingly。 “You can pull it down!If you are an eagle,All the chickens can rebel!” Murong Shan immediately said unceremoniously,Shen Ruoxi was so shy instantly,It's hard to