But if you think about it carefully,Even the two movies above,Can be called a classic,But it is impossible to become a classic movie that has been circulating for a long time。

A classic movie that has been passed down for generations,Must have a good lead、Good supporting role。 Everyone, Red Flower and Green Leaf, work together to create a movie,To create a classic。 Like decades ago《Soul Broken Blue Bridge》,Further away《Gone with the Wind》。 The modern classics,The same is true。 《Gift in Room 7》Why is it so touching? Of course it's the sincere feelings,Hope brewing in despair。 But how does this kind of feeling stand out?? Isn't it just relying on a group of villains and decent supporting characters?? Villain use evil、Shameless、Despicable me



really,After a minute has passed,She also heard this voice。 This time Shen Huan noticed the sound。 The boy turned and walked to the other side,In the gap between an old tree and the wall ten meters away from the house,I saw a dirty little dog,Curled up there,Open your eyes vainly,Looking at the world in a daze。 Bai Wushuang squatted down before Shen Huan,Touched its little head,I gently lifted it out in my hands。 I saw a puppy very young,About one or two months,Just a little bigger than a slap。 Looks like his body is muddy,And also very thin。 The puppy is in very bad


Next season is mine!

Regular seasonMVPwhat,Xu Xuan wants to take it too。 But this season's Curry is a little bit frustrated to be honest,Otherwise, I won't get all the first votes。 All honors have been issued,In general,No suspense this year,Most prizes can be guessed beforehand。 And here,Over time,The first round of the two sides is finally over。 The Raptors and Eagles really hit the tiebreak all the way,The Hornets have enough experience in the first six games,But it's tiebreak,They can't stand it anymore。 At that time it was more than just the pressure of the state,And psychological pre


Yes yes yes,But they don’t know how big the scale is。

If the scale is too small,There is no value in mining。 Some powerful people just hope that Gu Mu can help run it,Get some children of your own interest group to study abroad。 Of course it's best to go to Europe and America,No, you can go to Huaxia。 For these various requirements,Can promise,Of course Gu Mu would agree,Can't agree,Will also refuse。 Can't say what prices others offer,He will take it all。 It's not a condition,But blackmailed。 He also has to show his persistence,Otherwise others will think he is bully,So there is no way to stand here。 After another few d


The third is of course Xu Xuan,Average9.7Minute、6Assist、1.5Second-round rebound,Can’t say better。

. Boston Celtics are uncomfortable now,Including Angie。 They are very optimistic about Smart4Average only7.7Minute,1.5Assist、2.7Backboard。 No data,The efficiency can't be compared with Xu Xuan at all. In the office,Young handsome faceless,Angie frowned and lit a cigar。 “Brad,Maybe your choice was right。”Anji took a deep breath,Let the fragrant tobacco smell fill your nostrils:“Maybe things will be better if we choose him?” The young marshal looked up at him:“We had two chances to pick him。”His voice becomes low:“But we all missed it in the end。” The office fell silen


“not yet。”

Lu Ban shook his head and answered:“You also know my situation,It is very difficult to take the show,Everything still depends on the company's arrangements。” “Take old brother as an outsider, right?。” Liang Kesheng smiled:“If you want to take the show,I can recommend some for you。” With Liang Kesheng's status in the circle,Actor recommended by him,Other directors will never refuse。 “Really unnecessary,I have no plans to take the show recently。” “Oh?Then what do you want to do?” Ban Lu thought for a while,I think I can tell the truth with Liang Kesheng,So said:“I want


The Cavaliers are suddenly facing an enemy。

This period and a half has passed,If they still don't know how the Pacers play today,They are really stupid。 James waved his hand,Come and lead the defense yourself ------------ First261chapter Extreme running!Crazy boy! “Oh-My-God!Xu Xuan hit the fifth three-pointer of the game against James!” Xu Xuan is running! Xu Xuan is still running! Xu Xuan has been running! When the walkers and others rest,Xu Xuan is still on the court! Can't run and bomb? And Xu Xuan! Offensive? And Xu Xuan! “Unbelievable!Xu Xuan escaped James' cover,Leaning on James to meet Shumpert's


Tactical positions of the three players in the West,Make the Eastern lock-like defense chaotic!

The defender in front of Kobe became Uncle Mu! accelerate!Kobe Short!Step forward,Pass by31Uncle Mu! Hit the basket,Attract Hill to help defend,The dream of hitting the ball,Dunk。 93:100。 “FAK,Dicambe,You just squat down!”Jordan complains loudly。 Uncle Mu spreads his hands。 Penny did not review this defense,Push again。 Although Richmond is good at defensively,His excellent physique,Can still largely limit penny breakthroughs。 Hardaway is not entangled,Cross Hill。 Hill high throw,Lob Jordan。 Jordan attacked Kobe again! Left shoulder dangling,Step right!


But just when Xu Xuan was ready to enjoy the cheers of the home fans,The Eagles have quickly launched a counterattack!

“Hallucination!Hallucination!All hallucinations!” Budenholzer continued to roar while running on the sidelines。 10Three points? Already flattened his own record? it's okay no problem,All small things。 10What about three points?? Can they win this game? Do not,They can't win,They can never win! Ha ha,I thought that using this method would make us lose our squareness? impossible! We are the police.Cough,We will never be afraid! But in the next second—— “Oh Huo?Does Xu Xuan still play in the front court??Oh, God,Look at this wonderful posture,Wonderful arc,Much mor


Such large cities are like landmarks,Will naturally attract separated refugees to gather together。

now,Alterac City still stands on the plateau,The Alterac Kingdom is alive and brutally,Carlos has an army of 70,000 rushing to the turtle。 Don't worry about turtle speed,These are huge costs。 This means a steady stream of supplies and soldiers,This means that Lordaeron's legacy is being continuously accepted by Alterac。 At least the refugees west of Lordaeron have no choice,Gilneas has closed the country,They can only go south to Hillsbrad。 And the residents east of Lordaeron,Or flee east to Stratholme,Either enter Anjador and seek refuge in Alterac Kingdom。 Looking ba