“Both of us are forced to,Tell you the truth, brother-in-law,We are afraid of you teasing Sister Shiyun,So she can’t get off the stage in front of everyone,So I had to change the subject,Deliberately cheated you,Hehe。”
Shen Ruoxue told Qin Liang the truth frankly。
“I have a hasty!You are a bit too partial when you come here, right??
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Too curious
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Too curious
Oh,To protect your sister Shiyun,You can kick me directly into the pit like this!”
Qin Liang said dumbly。
“He is different from you,She is a girl no matter how,Girls have thin skins,Once you joked and teased her about it,She will be embarrassed and embarrassed and faceless,And you are a man,Men can have no face and self-esteem in front of girls。”
Shen Ruoxue replied confidently。
“I have a hasty!Where did you learn this fallacy??”
Qin Liang asked awkwardly。
“This is not a fallacy,This is the truth!We girls think so,Right?Xiaoyun,am I right?”
Shen Ruoxue said nonchalantly,By the way, Liu Xiaoyun did it“perjury”。